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2010 Algona Residential Trends
February 4th, 2011 10:46 AM

Algona Residential Trends

The 1st Quarter of the year in Algona showed a good comeback in residential sales compared to the previous two years. The $8,000 tax credit from the government stimulus program appears to have had an affect on the second quarter sales. Q3 is looking more normal in volume and p/sf and Q4 is a little off from years past in volume but p/sf is back to normal averages.

These sales are only arms length transactions, not foreclosure or family sales. Activity wise Q1 was slightly below normal, Q2 was above normal and the third and fourth quarters were closer to normal numbers. Average price per sq. ft. dipped in late 08 and early 09 and appears to be more normalized in 2010.

Annual totals of residential sales of arms length transactions is Algona were on their way back up towards more typical volume amounts. Average P/SF had a slight dip in 08 and 09 and is back in a typical range for Algona residential homes.

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